Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"Getting Out"


This is another one I did before I left home. My dirty secret, that I should go ahead and finally admit here, is that I am usually a few paintings ahead. So the painting you see here is not usually done the same day. Some days I have time for more than one painting, and some days I can't paint (or post) at all. I try my best to paint every single day. I beleive that keeping up the skill of painting is like keeping in shape - you've got to do it very often or you lose it. Not for good perhaps, but I think it takes that constant reminder to keep you growing.

Below are the value studies from my class here in Indian Rocks beach. It's a great class. They took me out last night to "Crabby Bills" for stone crabs. Yum!


Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

You shouldn't worry about your dirty secret - I think almost everyone does this! Another great painting - when I saw it I thought - "The Great Escape!"! :)

JMahorney said...

Yeah I've got to second that. It really does start to wane if you don't keep exercising that muscle. I notice that I just don't really see the colors and shapes around me when I don't exercise my eyeballs.

Terry Daniels said...

I do the same thing - build up a backlog when possible, if for no other reason than to vary subjects a little. I paint every day, M-F at least (Sabbath on Saturday), but my daily stuff gets posted Tue. to Sat. night because I let them dry for a day before handling.

"Near-Daily Paintings" doesn't look good on the business cards, though. Perhaps it's an acceptable lie!

Peppers look harmless at the store, but they take on a kind of alien personality when painted, IMO. They look alive...

milindmulick said...

looks more like "getting inside" than "getting out"
great painting..!