Monday, July 14, 2008

"Owees" --- SOLD

My son calls anything with thorns "owees," including this prickly pear cactus.

Thank you all for the great response about easels!! I really appreciate the feedback. Unfortunately the comments were about half for EasyL and half for Open Box M. Soooo... I haven't decided yet what I'll do but I did get my husband thinking about the idea of making one (when I told him how expensive they are). He is the handiest guy I know, and if anyone can make it, he can. But there's also a time crunch, AND he has a full time job. So we'll see.


Candy Barr said...

Carol your camping expedition with Sally looks like you're going to have to go plein air-ing alot more!! These are fabulous and show off your command of values, light and lively brushwork SO WELL. Tremendous series...the unexpected...the joy...the fresh scene. You go girl!

Anonymous said...

I have to mention another easel you should consider -- yes, it is pricey but of the artists I have seen use this they say they wouldn't go back to any of the others they have used in the past -- the Soltek easel. It is only 9 lbs. so even after you add paint supplies it is very portable. Sets up and takes down in less than a minute -- so when the weather suddenly changes, you're able to save everything! And no, I don't get a kick-back, it's just on my wishlist for myself -- hopefully soon!
Debora (in Wyoming)

Bill Sharp said...

I own an EasyL and it works great for me but it's bigger than the OpenM and needs a larger back pack to carry it. I think the OpenM is probably more convenient to travel with.

From my experience, no matter what you're working with, you wish it were just a little bit different to fit your particular ways of working.

I also made one and, now that I've worked with the EasyL would be able to make a better one. I'm sure your husband could do it for you and then you could get him to continue to tweak it so that it's just what you want.

The one thing I had a hard time with in making one is finding a hinge that would allow me to open and fix the panel holder at any angle. The EasyL hinge is really cool but I couldn't find anything like it to buy seaparately. OpenM has a simpler way to do it. YOu c an also buy some of the hardware from Judsons

I've found several web resources on home made boxes. Duane Keiser shows a picture of his cigar box pochade on his blog too.

The last one uses a similar hinge system to the OpenM.

Ich liebe Ihre Anstriche, als immer. (Ich entschuldige mich für meinen School-Deutschen.)

Penny Lentz said...

Here's a link to Barry John Raybold's outdoor set up. Something you can make yourself. He travels a lot so it might be worth taking a look at.

Justin Clayton said...
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Justin Clayton said...

Carol, you might get Rene' to give you a few tips:

I came across his blog when I was looking to make my own. I ended up just buying an openbox and have been very very happy with it. If you can afford the pelican travel case it's worth the peace of mind when checking luggage.


Doug said...

I made my paintbox similar to the Open Box M. It took me a weekend and I have no fancy woodworking tools. Your husband could make you a dandy box like this. Here is a link to some pictures of it and also there is a link in the text to specific details.

Unfortunately, the forum that I have posted this info on has had a major overhaul, and now you have to click on links to see the pictures (bummer)... but take a look... It may be what you are looking for. Oh... the materials cost me around $50 and came from Home Depot for the most part.

Doug said...

Well, I decided to go ahead and post the two pages with the info on them. I didn't know if you would find the second page hiding on the forum. Anyway, this will get you to the info but you still have to click on links to see the images.

PAT MEYER -- said...

I always find making many greens together very challenging. You have done it perfectly with the use of the warm colors to separate the cools. Your plein air trip is a reward for all of us.

Anonymous said...

Here's a pochade box I haven't seen mentioned yet - it's so well made, easy to set up, has magnets for knife holders, is compact and very easy to use. It's made by a carpenter who is a painter so he really knew what to do.
Look at his video demo for a complete viewing.


Love the unusual composition in this painting and the color. I too live in a semi-arid climate and can just smell the environment!

Joan Breckwoldt said...

Hi Carol,
which kind of easel did you end up getting? I'm facing the same decision you were 2 years ago.
Your paintings are wonderful, I especially enjoy the ones from Germany.
Auf weidersehn!

Carol Marine said...

Joan- I ended up getting an Open Box M and really like it. But, it's got a tiny mixing space. I've since gotten a box from Art Box and Panel and love it! I use it all the time. Good luck!