Friday, June 20, 2008

"An Offer" --- SOLD

For this rose I used a different light. The last two were spot-lit with a "daylight" spotlight that is actually fairly yellow compared to ... the light I used here which is VERY white. I tried a slightly different approach here and waited to put the darks into the flower at the very end. This worked well I think but it was really hard to get a feel for it as I went along. I had to try hard to get the lighter values right as I went, and to trust that it would work out in the end.


Jeanne Bauer said...

Hey, Carol
This painting is so completely lighthearted, full of joy. jb

Holly Van Hart said...

it worked out at the end! lovely rose. love all the triangles in this painting.

Molly Young said...

This is my favorite of your rose paintings. :) I think I just love the composition.