Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"Sunflower 1 & 2" --- SOLD

I've painted a lot of sunflowers lately. I did the one below first, then 3 large paintings with sunflowers, then this one above. The biggest thing I learned, in painting yellow, is that you've got to paint the lightest spots FIRST, before anything else, and then paint all the darker bits around it. If you try to go in with any light bits of yellow to make highlights, it doesn't work - they blend right in with whatever's already there.



Dr. Kenzo Tenma said...

Dont know much about art (sorry for my poor english)

Only talk about what i feel while looking your work.

Sadness and joy crash in my senses with your strong brushes. Beautiful sunflowers.


JMahorney said...

These are beautiful as usual. :)
Thanks for the advice on yellow. I really struggle with that color.

bfry said...

carol i just found your work and love it. was laughing because i love/use those same brushes you talk about in your post awhile back and go through them fast. i wanted to ask if you use a sparse amount of oil mixed into your paint when you work?
i ask because your work has that wonderful sparkling-crisp, painterly quality to it. i have gotten into this bad habit of using galkyd which allows me to sort of paint fast with these immediate glazes and adds this viscous quality to the paint but has the added charm of smelling like hell. not good. must get away from the galkyd!
your work is an inspiration and you're also a really fun read.


bfry said...

another thing i wanted to add is that you i'm in awe of how you create these small canvas's that are so visually dynamic everyday. amazing.

Anonymous said...

They make me think (dream) of summer, very nice!

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys!

bfry, I use a medium that I mix myself from 2 parts linseed oil | 1 part stand oil | 1 part mineral spirits or turp (I use Gamsol). I love it and haven't found anything better (yet) that I can buy already mixed.