Monday, March 31, 2008

"Orange Light" --- SOLD

This is from a couple of weeks ago. I didn't get to paint today because I used my son's nap to go and look for a new frame stock for my larger paintings. I am realizing that frames are very personal. What I choose may not work for anyone else. But it's got to work for the gallery, at least. But it's complicated. Can I find a style that works for every painting? And how much do I spend on a potentially thrown-away frame? And do I add that to the cost of the painting? Do I double that amount to account for the gallery's cut? Argh.


Kathleen Weber said...

I agree- framing is so problematic. They're expensive, they can get damaged easily, and sometimes people decide they don't like the frame you used, and how much is the painting without it? What I'd really like is for people to pick their own frames, but I've found that people often seem really nervous about having to go to a frame shop and actually choose something to go with the painting.

caseytoussaint said...

I just discovered your blog and wanted to let you know how much I love your work. It's incredible how you take such simple subjects and make beautiful, complex paintings out of them. Great stuff!

Mr Zip said...

For the past couple of years I've been painting on gallery-style deep canvases and showing without frames. Some galleries seem to prefer it and selling doesn't seem affected. But I have to say that when I hang mine in a mixed show, it always seems to be other people's framed work that sells.

Penny Lentz said...

Hi Carole,
I bought a painting from my friend during open studios and she offered me a frame at a pretty reasonable price. Well, for some reason I didn't buy it and therefore her painting sat in my drawer for about three years I think! I finally got out one of my plein air frames, varnished her painting and hung it up.
I don't know much, I'll admit, but perhaps you would be better at picking a frame that is worthy of your work or goes with your work better than the average person. The sooner they get it hung, the better for everyone, so I say at least offer them a frame or recommend which frame and where to order it. (For ebay, unframed seems fine to me.) Although I still must say that your paintings deserve great frames.
So...where do you get your frames???
Have a nice week,

Penny Lentz said...

sorry about spelling your name wrong...

Carol Marine said...

Thanks, everyone! This is a tough issue for me, and I appreciate all the feedback I can get.

Penny, I get my frames currently from Omega Moulding. They've got what I consider fairly high end (ok, middle end) at good prices. I like the moulding I get but my gallery doesn't. (I won't frame my small ones - too complicated) I am looking now at trying to find an inexpensive floating frame, but this is difficult. Argh!

Frank Gardner said...

I think you should get as nice a frame as you can afford. Ad the price to the paintings. They just look better that way. If my customers don't want the frame I discount the cost from the price and I am happy to keep the frame for another painting. That is why standard sizes are good.
Also, about what Penny said, I still have not framed your paintings, and a few others I have bought, out of laziness. Please don't be offended. They are in a nice place where we can see them all day long. It sure is nice to get a painting home and be able to hang it.
Even if you swap the frame later.
I use some Omega frames too and Norman at Plein Air Frames is great to deal with too.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I agree that framing can be time-consuming and frustrating... and expensive.

Usually I frame my work, even the little 'uns. I figure most customers want to hang them up when they get them. For miniatures a tiny easel is a nice way to display too.

Check out Artful picture frames in Florida for reasonable prices and nice quality. They're very helpful folks. The smallest frame they carry is 5x7 (not in all their styles but several handsome ones). I like their prices, although shipping up here to Idaho can get expensive. You'll get better S&H prices to Texas, I'm sure.

For the minis I usually rely on nice little decorative frames from someplace like Michael's. I do get frustrated with them (and others) when I find a frame I really like and then they discontinue it! Argghhh!!