Thursday, February 28, 2008

"Three on a Shelf" --- n/a

Sometimes I see compositions in my mind ahead of time - most of the time I have some stuff and I arrange it and rearrange it until I come up with something I like. It's pretty fun actually. I enjoy the process. Sometimes though it's a bit frustrating because I've done a thousand (ok, not QUITE that many) compositions with the same stuff and I run out of ideas. : ) But then something new comes along that opens some new doors and I suddenly have a ton of ideas. I'm still waiting ...


Frank Gardner said...

Great brushwork and composition as always Carol. Is that a piece of tape holding up the paper? Well done.
A little different.

At the risk of making everyone mad at me, (me ducking), I have to say that I'd like to see you try a subject really different than what you have been doing. Just for kicks.
You know how much I like your stuff, so I hope you take that in a good way.

Pandora said...

That came out great! I love the shadow of the blue glass, it is so lively. Love your blog, it is so inspiring :-)