Monday, February 04, 2008

"Square Dance" --- SOLD

I find I really enjoy the challenge of 2 colors in shadow. The title is another of my husband's. He's good, huh?!
Two people have recently asked for a picture of my still life setup. I've posted it before but I guess it's been a while. I've had 2 so far. The first was made of wood and very heavy. Then my clever husband decided to try one out of pvc (for the structure). This is my current one and fairly light. It sits atop a (Home Depot) stand that adjusts up and down (down for the top-down views I get). The box itself is open on 4 sides (front, top, left & right) for plenty of lighting options. I have it covered with a white cloth to keep my shadows somewhat light. I put a black cloth over this so the light I paint by doesn't affect my setup too much. I've very happy with this setup but eventually I would like a stand that adjusts with a crank or foot-pedal. As it is I get my back into adjusting it and it can be precarious.


Michael Dooney said...

I know that you've mentioned before that you don't like pictures of yourself ;) but I'd be curious to see how your painting set up is situated next to this set up. Unless I'm misunderstanding and you are working from photos, it seems like the pvc bars and lights would be in the way of seeing the subject while you are working.

jenedypaige said...

hey Carol,

I like your style. Your brushstrokes lend themselves to a nice sense of movement. I also like how your underpainting always finds places to peak through. Keep up the good work!

Carol Marine said...

Thanks! Micheal- I move a lot when I paint. I have my panel in front of me, my palette to the right, and my setup to the left. I'm constantly turning AND stepping back to look at what I've done so far. My setup (if it's down and I'm painting from above) is never so far down that I have to look through a pvc bar. It's always at a slight angle (I like it better that way anyway). I'll try to get my husband to take a picture of me painting sometime and post it. I've had friends come by and see how I paint and they say the would go crazy with all the moving around, but I don't mind it, and I figure if nothing else I'm getting some exercise! : )

JMahorney said...

Carol, Thanks for posting stuff like this. I just love to see the nuts and bolts. One question: how does thehome depot stand actualy connect to the PVC structure. I'm trying to come up with a decent adjustable stand (must rotate and raise). I was thinking of simply attaching one of these:
to and piece of wood (or shadow box) and then it could just go on a tripod.

Daniel García said...

Wow! Me encantan tus pinturas.Las pinceladas ,los colores, los brillos me hacen sentirme feliz al mirarlos. Me transmiten equilibrio y alegria. Son preciosos.
Voy a linkear mi blog con el tuyo.
Siento no hablar inglés.
Un saludo

Tara Wheeler said...

I have a piece of plywood on an old Goodwill camera tripod.

It adjusts up and down, tilts and turns.

I got it from an old painter friend of mine.

Thanks again for sharing this, Carol. You have an incredibly cool husband.

BTW, what lights are you using?

Michael Dooney said...

On a totally unrelated note...even if you aren't spending tons of time on these, I'd love to see you post some step by step in progress pics sometime. It is always fascinating to get a glimpse into working methods of other artists.

C. Ousley said...

To be blunt your work kicks ass. Some serious brushwork. I love it.

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

adorable title, and great painting. It's a winner

Katherine said...

Your husband does great titles!

Plus thanks for doing a photo of the set-up - and I too would love to see one of you working relative to it. I've often wondered how you did it. I've been imagining a set up on a low box sitting on the floor for the top down ones.