Saturday, February 02, 2008

"Blue Shadow" --- SOLD

I swear the colors were really like this. Ok, maybe I exaggerated a "wittow" (as my son would say) ... but not much. The red of the ground was reflecting off the side of the cup making it a bit purple, and the yellow/orange light bounced around on the inside of the cup and spoon making what would have been blue a bit gray.


Dani Brandimarte said...

This is one of those that as soon as your blog comes on the screen, my mind says "wow!" before I've even given it a good look. I think that's always a good sign. Love the red.

Penny Lentz said...

I like your painting not just a witto but a lot. I've been wondering, do you tilt your set up so that you can see down inside from above? How do you get a top down view?
Thanks for sharing.

Ambera said...

exaggerated or not, it looks great!