Tuesday, January 01, 2008

"Ménage à Carrot" --- SOLD

Central Market is the place to shop for interesting produce! I found these little carrots there and had a lot of fun painting them and their long ... tails? The title is another from my husband.


Making A Mark said...

I love looking at all your paintings lined up on the Daily Paintworks site - it shows how well they all go together!

Lovely colours as always

Gail said...

Hi Carol,

Happy New Year! I really look forward to seeing your new daily paintings. I have purchased two of them already. Would you mind letting me know how you set up your palette to paint? Do you have a basic palette of colors always set up that you work from?
Any suggestions? What type of palette do you use? etc.

Carol Marine said...

Thanks you guys!

Gail- I have a basic palette: titanium white, cad yellow light, cad red med, alizarin crimson, ultramarine blue, phthalo blue, and burnt umber. I use disposable paper palettes from www.utrecht.com, and whenever I fill one up I take it off and scrape whatever blobs I have left onto the next page. I really prefer it over glass and having to constantly scrape off bits of old paint.

Jason Waskey said...

A) I like the composition dynamics of this painting
2) Your husband comes up with great titles!

Happy New Year!

Alvin Richard said...

I agree with Jason, it's a beautiful composition and I like the color combination.

I'm not too sure about the title. I'm french and maybe you meant "Nettoyer les carottes" or "Laver les carottes" which would mean, cleaning or washing the carrots. As is, "ménage" means putting some order as in cleaning a room, a desk or doing some house work like dusting etc.... just trying to help out.