Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Grapefruit in a Fish Bowl" --- SOLD

I did a large painting today, and when I was "done" I didn't want to take down my setup right away in case I wanted to go back and change anything. So I used my stool and set this grapefruit in a fish bowl on it with a spotlight, looking almost straight down. It took me 20 minutes to paint and my stepdaughter said "eh" about it, so I am going to start the bidding at $50.


Michael Naples said...

20 MINUTES?!?! I can't even set up my subjects in less then 20 minutes. It's kind of a stalling tactic that allows me to plan in my head longer...at least that's what I tell myself.

mike rooney studios said...

i look at your blog everyday and you inspired me to start one. had a question for you? does your gallery allow you to do the ebay thing because these are way smaller than they sell and they dont see any competition with the gallery?
thanks and keep up the beautiful work
my email is rooneystudios@hotmail.com and the blog is mikerooneystudios.blogspot.com

Jean Crow Artist said...

I love your paintings - so fresh and painterly.
I have a technical question: the photos I take for my blog (which is not yet published) seem to have a milky film on them. I use a digital camera and take them outside in the shade. Am I standing too close? Not the right setting? (have used both close-up and regular) Can't seem to get a good, clean photo. Do you do any adjustments in PhotoShop? Would appreciate any help you can give me - would really like to publish my blog in January.
Also, when I do publish I'd like to include your blog in my listing. Do I need your permission?

Bill Suttles said...

Have been a fan of your work--color , composition,concept--all of it. Good wishes from a fellow dauber.