Saturday, November 03, 2007

"Up or Down" --- SOLD

This was a fun one. Pears and glass - two of my favorites. I actually spent most of today working on a large painting. 20x28 ... the largest in a while. I'll be spending next week working on my website - catching up and reformatting a bit. After that the plan is to put Jacob in day care 2 days a week so I can do more large work, and in January I'll be shopping for more gallery representation. I've participated in several discussions lately about the whole gallery vs. online sales dilemna (can we do both?), and still don't know exactly what to make of it. I'd love to hear some opinions ...


Johanns Diaz said...

I think the purpose to small daily paintings is to bring art to the common folks like me, galleries are for the few ebay are for everyone so if your idea is to reach the few go to the galleries if your reason for your paintings is to reach the common folk do ebay, what ever you do it won't change anything just the size of your work hope I help not make things worst
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A Painting A Day by Diana Marshall said...

Without this blog and ebay I would have not come across you, and I would not have been inspired to start my own painting a day blog. Why can't you do both? I know it's probably a time thing but it is another way of becoming well known and collected by many, maybe you need an assistant!! (to do the posting on e-bay) I look forward everyday to seeing your new painting.

muddy red shoes said...

Of course you can do both, and you should. The daily paintings are small and very affordable, and very lovely, art works. A chance for people to collect origional work at a price which is often below the cost of a print or mass produced thing.
If and when the artist has gallery represntation for larger work ( it is of course more expensive as you have brought more people into the equasion) it adds value to their smaller work and the daily painting practice is hugely valuable to the artist as ,we all know, practice makes perfect.
So basically, yes you can do both and it is a good thing!

Bart Dluhy said...

Carol, the issue of art sales is one of domain. Domain of style, subject, medium, size, genre, etc. As long as you don't interfere with the gallery's domain, they should understand that increased exposure of your work can only help their sales of your work.
Maybe you contract that you may sell on your website/blog/ebay, any works under 11x14", all other inquiries are directed to the gallery. I have seen other artists do similar things (though no names come to mind right now).
This link: (cut and paste)
is an online newsletter written by the owner of the company that manages my website. He was part owner of Greenhouse Gallery (San Antonio) for many years. The back issues of the newsletter discuss many topics including gallery/artist relations.
You should have no problem finding a respectable gallery willing to agree to fair terms. Your work is unique and of the highest quality. If you were just beginning (as I am) or didn't have the talent you do, you might not be able to control negotiations. You should enter any meeting with confidence and leave with a fair deal.
Just my 50 cents.
-Bart Dluhy

Lorrie Drennan said...

I agree with Bart--- don't sell yourself short. Your are on your way! Doing what you are doing is the way to go...meaning research and make smart decisions. You have the talent to back it up. Go for it!

Connie Kleinjans said...

I like what Bart said, too. Heck, present it as a benefit: You are known and respected in the online painting community; you'll link to the gallery, so you'll promote each other; and if patrons want to learn more about the artist, there's your blog and site. When you talk to them, use words like "synergy," "cutting edge," or "bleeding edge" (but avoid words like "lederhosen"). In other words, they might not know what to think, so you might need to lead them. (Then again, take this with a grain of salt, since I'm too shy to do this, and I don't have gallery representation anyway because I'm not good enough. At least, no yet. :) )