Monday, November 19, 2007

"Goose" --- SOLD

My mother gave me this goose last time I saw her. She's always looking out for things I might want to paint. I'm not sure if it's ceramic or stone, but it's really cool. And green.

I mentioned my still life box yesterday and got a lot of questions about it. Here's a picture of my box. My husband made it out of pvc pipe (so it's light) and mounted it on top of a sturdy tripod. I cover it first with a white cloth, and then a black one. The white lightens up the shadows of my setup just a little, and the black keeps my painting light mostly out of it. I'm really happy with it, though someday I'd like to have some way that's easier to raise and lower it - like a foot pedal or a crank.


JMahorney said...

Carol, thanks very much for showing your setup. I just love to see this kind of thing. I'm also tryin hard to figure out something that will raise/lower/rotate easily. A shadow box that is tripod mounted is a great idea. What's the fancy lookin light? My favorite part of the photo is the baby wipes under the counter :P

Nat said...

It's good to see your setup. I've been setting up to sketch in the kitchen, but the multiple light sources are kind of baffling and flattening. I've been comfortable in the casual air of the kitchen, but I may need something more permanent.

Ambera said...

This is adorable! And sweet of your mom, too, to buy such a great goose for you!