Tuesday, October 30, 2007

"Loosey Goosey" --- SOLD

I've been looking at a new artist (to me), Lael Weyenberg. She's VERY loose. Her work inspired me to loosen up a bit with these flowers. I bought these for a larger painting that I did this weekend and couldn't let them go to waste. What I really like about Lael's work is that it's fuzzy in places. And clear in others. As soon as I get braver I'll try that too.


FCP said...

Isn't Lael's work wonderful? I hope you got to see her paintings at McLarry's Gallery when we were in Santa Fe.
I love how you handled the glass in this one--just the right mix of "fuzzy and clear"
Happy Painting!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol
Thank you for bringing Lael to my attention! I very much responded to her work!

lynntofu said...

This is an interesting way to look at the subject matter. I also love the colors.