Wednesday, September 19, 2007

"Riding High" --- SOLD

Sometimes you can't tell your cup is crooked until you take a picture of it and look at it small on your computer screen. I should really do that every time BEFORE I'm done with the painting. But, despite the crooked cup, I really liked the colors here, and the single flower hanging out above it. My flower bed is just about done with - this orange flower was one of the few left.


Bernard Garcia said...

Hello Carol, good job, you placed the subject right in the middle and it works. nice mug handle. I like how its straight at us and you can see that it connects to the mug with a shadows. I love it.
PS. I painted a piece yesterday and I place the subject in the middle. i'll post it soon and email you. Cheers, BG

Deborah Paris said...

Hi Carol. Really like this straight on view and the graceful curve of the flower stem. Thanks for the link to my blog! You are mentioned on today's post, so pop over!

Robyn Rinehart Art said...

It's been said that if you turn your work upside down and stand back and look, you will see anything out of balance. Works for me!

Beautiful work, as always.

Unknown said...

It's hard to see the asymmetry because, as we work, we get used to our errors and lose our objectivity. Have you tried using a mirror to judge your drawing as you paint? Looking at the painting in the mirror would immediately reveal this type of drawing problems.

It's a beautiful painting. I wish I could have painted it myself.


Dik F. Liu