Friday, September 28, 2007

"Crazy Hot" --- SOLD

Ok, so what I learned from this one is that if you're going for a painting with a white background, it might be best not to put down a ground at all. OR, to let the ground dry before you start painting. Otherwise the ground really gets mixed in with the white. I was trying to push the background a little towards purple, but it didn't happen because the ground was phthalo, and phthalo is a wee bit strong! All-in-all though, I think it turned out ok. I especially had fun with the highlights.


Lorrie Drennan said...

Hi Carol!

I love this. It is funny you mentioned the background...yesterday I had to run errands and did not get homr till 3pm. Normally a wasted day for me. BUT, since taking your class and knowing you carve out such a small time to paint, I decided to get out my paints and got for it.

I actually did two paintings of food I picked upwhile I was out. But back to the background thing. I will post these two paitings later on my blog, but I did a yellow banana on a purplish paper. I laid down a yellow ground and then when I came back over with my lovely purple that I had turned muddy when it hit the yellow. I was very disappointed...I like my purple. I decided that I will stick with my pre-dried backgrounds when going with a light dominant area.

Jeff Mahorney said...

I really like this one. Fun negative shapes and the highlights bring the peppers forward so well.

Yeah, pthalo is a madman. I use it but I'm always amazed how it spreads like a virus. The other crazy thing about pthalo is that it automatically creates a penumbra if you use it in the shadow because it explodes when it hits white. funny eh?