Monday, August 20, 2007

"Lemon Pot" --- SOLD

I got this "new" pot at an antique store yesterday. I got a bunch of other stuff too, so expect new subject matter. I think I'm more happy with these lemons than with any others I've painted. They are very suggested. To get these I had to paint outside the lines. What I mean by that, is that with every stroke, especially around the edges of the lemon, I let the stroke go further than the lemon, out into the colors around them. Then I came back with the colors beside them and kind of fuzzed the edges a bit ... I think this is the fuzziest writing I've done! :) Argh, but I'm tired. I don't think I'm getting enough sleep - please forgive me.


Bill Sharp said...

This is a beauty, Carol. You really do have a way with lemons!

Andrew Neagle said...

Hello Carol
I was wondering if you have heard of Robert Genn, he is a Canadain Artist that writes a biweekly blog/column, which you can freely subscribe to just read at his website.
It has a lot of interesting comments by artists for artists.
Thought you would like to know.

wanda knight said...

This is a beauty. Lemons are great but I love the pot.

Carol Marine said...

Thanks, you guys! And thank you, Andrew, for the link. I hadn't heard of Painterskeys - there are some very interesting articles there.

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Carol, these lemons are the BEST. The new pot, and the placement of it, is wonderful. I like the fuzziness - maybe sleep deprivation is something we should all try?