Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Yellow Apple" --- n/a

I don't think the photo does this one justice, but I'm not sure I did either. This is another experiment. I was trying a more traditional angle. I have this theory that if you never try new things, you won't grow. And it makes sense that some, ok a lot, of the things you try aren't going to work out. So, in effect, you've got to fail to grow. Kind of like: no pain no gain. I think this is the ONE down-side of daily painting - the public aspect: everyone sees your failures. There are some things I like about this painting, but over-all I don't think it's up to par, so I won't list it on ebay. If you're interested in buying it, email me with an offer. Thanks.


Helen Read said...

I like the great reflective qualities you got in the plate and jar, especially!

Kelley Carey MacDonald said...

Carol, I totally relate to the upside/downside of daily painting! I know a lot of people simply keep their not-quite-best work OFF the blog, but I usually (USUALLY) go ahead. This is a fine painting, but it just doesn't have the YOU in it that you usually inject! It just isn't as fun or funny as the other work you've done. NEXT!!!! You grow, girl!

Mona Diane Conner said...

Carol, I disagree with you and Kelley. I think it's a
fine painting, and if I didn't I would be honest enough to say why I didn't like it. I even prefer it over some of your other pieces. Could you just be going through a more self-critical or self-evaluative phase?

Of course it is your decision about whether to post it, but my view of daily painting is that while there is some unevenness day to day, the overall value of you, Carol Marine, as artist makes the purchase of ANY of your daily paintings also worth the $$. Think along the lines of what people now pay for one of da Vinci's scribbles, or a torn page out of Picasso's notebook. Food for thought.

Mike said...

Carol . . .there is a word for what you are doing: Courage. Yes, bravado, too. Most artists don't have it . . they stick to a formula that doesn't fail them . . .you have shown us all that you have (ahem) the cajones to be a very very fine artist. Keep it up. That's right. Just keep experimenting and pushing the edges. That is what the greats did (and are doing). This is a fine painting with different mood . . .and that is good! I have seen your stuff from the beginning and there is no doubt that ALL the paintings count toward your growth . . .even when you don't like em!

Great stuff. Keep it up!!!

Good on ya, Kiddo!

Jo Castillo said...

Hi, I agree with the others. Nice painting. I like it a lot, maybe because I love pottery and especially blue. Heh, heh. It is a little different, but I see you. Keep up the good work.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I like it, but I think the photo's too dark. Sometimes the photos just don't do justice to the work.