Monday, July 09, 2007

"White Set" --- SOLD

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I decided to really focus on value with this painting, and what better colors than black and white. I couldn't leave out color altogether though, hence the orange. I think I would probably benefit from doing a value study before EVERY painting, but who's got the time?! I am very happy with how the polka-dot cup reflects the orange.


Debbie Miller said...

Hi Carol, I was having the same thoughts about tone yesterday too. My eye went right to that orange reflection but I also love the highlight area on the palte near the orange. good stuff.

Helen Read said...

Carol, I recently found your blog and am enjoying your work. I really like this too - and my eye is drawn to the orange reflection on the pot. Nice work, I'll keep watching!

Todd Bonita said...

There you go again making it all look so easy. Brilliant!

Jiddje said...

Carol, I think you have a brilliant way of painting. You hold on to your own style, it's great!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Ah, the illustration of 'white isn't white'.
Agree with the others. You make it look so easy.