Saturday, July 07, 2007

"Fancy Apples" --- SOLD

I don't seem to be able to link my title to my ebay auction today, hence the link below the picture.

Apples are pretty much my favorite subject to paint for several reasons: 1. they NEVER go bad ... errr, they do, but it takes a month or more, so I always have a few in my studio. 2. they can be very varied ... in color, with bits of green or orange tucked in. 3. they usually have nice stems 4. they're shiny - great reflections.

So, try not to be jealous, but I had a very nice dinner last night with Qiang Huang and Justin Clayton (& spouses). It was so great to talk all about daily painting, ad nauseum. We stayed up until 12:30, which for us old fogies :) was pretty late. We had a great time. Afterwards, it was too late for me to post, which was for the best as my painting yesterday wasn't up to par.

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Michael Naples said...

I am jealous. I think I will move out to Texas too, since all the best painters live there. Let's hang out and paint!