Saturday, June 23, 2007

"Three Bulbs" --- SOLD

Ok, so you might think this is cheating, but I didn't paint at all today. I took a little break. Not that I didn't want to paint, just that I wanted MORE to sit on the couch and do nothing...err, watch tv (during my 2 hours of freedom, AKA Jacob's nap). It was nice actually. So these garlic bulbs are from yesterday. I really like the part where the fabric disappears under the shadow of the plate. The plate is one my mom made for me - a saucer for a cup - perfect for 3 garlic bulbs.


Brendy Vaughn said...

Not cheating at all. I've often wondered when you find time to paint with a little one wondering around. When my daughter was that age and napping, I usually wanted to nap with her. I'm so impressed that you create these beauties in 2 hours!

This one is lovely as always.

Mike said...

Cheating? Hardly. Any painter who rocks on like you do can have all the free time she needs! And with a young-un? I dunno how you do it!

So far, Carol, I have not been disappointed with my visits here. Your touch is very special.


Lorrie Drennan said...

Hi Carol!

I talked to you a couple of weeks ago right after I signed up for your class. Ever day I look at your creations and think...I cannot wait to get out there and see her actually DO this!

I have made the monumental step of creating a blog in anticipation of the day that I can actually paint some of these small beauties.

I am used to working large format and this week I tried a couple of small ones....whoa! Let's just say I produced a couple of runner-ups in that boring painting contest that you mentioned one time in your blog.

Looking forward to September! And thanks for all your info and comments that accompany your paintings. Love it all!

Lorrie Drennan

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Another beauty.
I have a beautiful piece of fabric that you are inspiring me to paint.
It has a bamboo (my favorite design)
motif, blue gray in color and sort of a shimmery negative positive look, depending on the light.