Friday, June 01, 2007

"Serene" --- SOLD

I loved the blockiness of the vase so much, and putting down the paint in blocks, that I continued it with the pears. This may sound strange, but I've always wanted to paint this way. I'm not sure what happened, but I will say that painting small and often helped a lot. It gave me the freedom to try all sorts of things I've always wanted to try. I think that's the best thing about this whole painting a day "thing", if you use the freedom if gives you, you can pull yourself out of just about any rut!


Mike said...

Amen to the pulling out of ruts, Carol! Sunday painting is not for those who want to develop. Paint lots and paint often.

Your work is brisk and fresh . . .I can see why you wanted to paint that way. I can smell the apples, but see your hand in there too!! Niice!


Jeff Mahorney said...

Amen to that Mike. Brush Mileage.

Beautiful composition Carol. The cool saturated pears really pop off the warm background.

It you ever decide to do a little time lapse video of your process, We'd love to see it.


Amy Stewart said...

This is lovely. For me, as a writer, I take the same satisfaction from writing short essays or articles. Unlike a book, which I wrestle with for a few years, an essay with a deadline is just going to be over, and then you can move on. A small painting is the same way--you don't have to be terribly attached to a particular outcome because you're going to move on and do another one tomorrow.