Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Peach Row" --- SOLD

You guessed it - peaches again. It is summer in the Texas hillcountry and the peaches are overflowing. Expect them to continue - at least until I get sick of them.
Peaches are a real challenge for me to paint. I am used to shiny objects and easy highlights to pull it all together. Peaches are fuzzy and have subtle color transitions. I really liked the purple here, and tried to pull out the green in the peaches to compliment the purple. Someone asked me once if I always think about color schemes when I start a painting. I do. Mostly I go by instinct, but I have found that if I add a compliment to the dominant color somewhere in the painting, even if subtle (or not) it is more successful.


Lynne said...

Scrumptious colors Carol!

Debbie Miller said...

Love the color in this.
do you ever frame these little ones? I love to paint on the 6x6 squares but am having a hard time finding good (and inexpensive) frames. any advice? thanks Deb

Jeff Mahorney said...

Wow. There so much energy from all the color play. I would love to see you do a video (like timelapse).

Also, I love hearing you talk more about your paintings. I look forward to it everyday. :)

Sarah Fox said...

These are so beautiful!! I love all the color you put in there, the blue, green and bright red. This is one of my favorites!!!

Edcooper_art said...

Hi Carol,

I am a big fan of your work and have been looking for some time now! I did give painting a day a go but it fizzled after a while! - My trouble is composition....i can fiddle around with apples 4 ages and it either looks to bunched up or all over the place! You are great at compostion, have u got any tips??

Carol Marine said...

I read a great book once on composition. I HIGHLY recommend it. The idea is so simple. It's basically that the human eye loves variety, and that you never want to make two distances in a painting the same. The book says it MUCH better and more thoroughly. It's called: The Simple Secret to Better Painting: How to Immediately Improve Your Work with the One Rule of Composition, and it costs $17 on Amazon.