Thursday, June 14, 2007

"Peach Row 2" --- SOLD

I used a different light for this setup. For the previous 3 I used a soft daylight bulb. For this I used a spotlight, which is a bit more yellow. I like the long shadows and the strong orange against blue, but I lost a little bit of the subtle fuzz look.

Today I met one of my favorite daily painters - Justin Clayton. His work inspired me to begin my own daily paintings. I watched him begin a lovely figure painting, and then proceeded to talk his ear off until he had no time left to paint - sorry Justin!!! I think one of the greatest parts of this blog is getting to meet all kinds of neat people - in person and via email.


Debbie Miller said...

I agree Carol! I feel like I havent had this many creative people around since my Art School days. It is very inspiring. Speaking of that...these peaches are wonderfull. I bought a bag today and might give it a go tomorrow :)

Michael Naples said...

I think these are the best peaches yet. Wish I was there with you and Justin. That would have been inspiring.

Mike said...

Carol . . .I wish I could write a long letter to you here . . .but . . Let me just say that your color work and how you manage to attain that 'fuzzy' feeling is extraordinary. Hats Off! You really make me sit up and take notice.

and . . .you are absolutely right about meeting the artist community here in the blogsphere.

Wow Again!!

Rebecca Finch said...

I love it, they look fuzzy!