Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Apple Water" --- SOLD

Someone asked me today about photographing my work for the web. I haven't yet found a set-up with lights that works for me (but then I haven't tried very hard). I take all my photos outside. I have a spot that works every time, as long as the sun is out.

This is how I found it: I went outside and looked for a place in open shade (not closed in and dark). My perfect spot is in front of my house, on the porch. The house is white limestone, and so is light all the time, even in shade. I lean my painting against a collumn and place it so that it doesn't face any light, or harsh reflected light. So, it can't face the sky, or a window reflecting the sky, for example, or else you will get lots of glare. A trick is to walk around with your painting at arms length, and when you don't see any glare on it, put it down right there and take a picture. You want to photograph it as square to the camera as possible, and you'll want to zoom in a bit from wide angle. If it is a mostly light painting, fill the frame with the painting. If it is mostly dark, back up a little until what you see on the LCD panel is right (it'll get washed out the closer you get - but you don't want to be too far away either as it'll get too dark).

My husband just showed me a new idea he found on-line for basically recreating the lighting situation I have on my porch. It's a worth a try - check it out (scroll down a bit and check out the box with vellum on the sides). The website shows using the lightbox with a flash, but any strong "white" light will do, even the sun.


Andrew Neagle said...

Thanks for the how to's of photographing your work, and I like the light box idea which your husband found.
I like the apple it has a lot of character to it.
Andrew Neagle

Debbie Miller said...

That is EXACTLY what I do. Sometimes I think my neighbors think I'm crazy. Phew. Glas to know its 'normal' :)

Debbie Miller said...

oops I meant to say GLAD

Heidi Malott said...

My front porch is my best photo spot also. I am sure my neighbors think I am mad! I should probably devise something for cloudy days, thanks for the info. LOVE your work Carol. ~Heidi

Edcooper_art said...

Hi Carol,

I got that book today that you recommened about composition. The Simple Secret To Better Painting. Its great!! cant wait to get going using those principals!!

Its always good to hear book recommendations. I never would have found it otherwise!! Cheers!

Mike said...

Love the link to the photo tip. Am still reeling witht he quality of your work, Carol. I'm back here every day!


aaronlifferth said...

What a beautiful painting.

Barb Matijevich said...

Carol, I just love this. If you paint another with the water glass like this, please let me know.