Wednesday, March 07, 2007

"Plum Shallow" --- SOLD

Tomorrow I leave on a little vacation to Sedona, AR, with my friend Randi. We are going to hike and paint and visit galleries. I am wondering if any of you have been there and can recommend places to eat. Thanks! I'll post some pictures while I'm there, and possibly some plein air paintings. Back on Sunday. Toodles!


nan bond said...

Bonjour Carol! How lucky you are!Not only I envy you for your painting skills (and looking at your portrait, I know that it's not only a fact of being a good artist...)but now you've got the chance to go to Sedona, AR! Hope you're gonna visit the 900 year Tuzigoot ruins and walk in the footsteps of the Ancient ones (Anasazi,ancestors of the Hopi).The fact is that I've been "adopted" (for a lot of reasons),3 days ago by a Chaco Anasazi descendant and been aloud to call myself a "Native". Have a beautiful and safe journey.
élaine k bond

Kelley MacDonald said...

Yes! You will LOVE Sedona! Try the Cowboy Club for a relaxing dinner with great food, or T'Laquapaqi (I KNOW I spelled that wrong, but anyone can tell you where it is - there are only like 3 main streets) Mexican restaurant (be sure to try the Cactus Pear Margaritas!). Have fun and soak it all in!