Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Spiral Vase" --- n/a

I made this ceramic vase when I was in high school.


Michael Naples said...

I love how the flower bleeds off the top. It adds so much to the composition.

SC Shisler said...

Thought I just posted, but it's not appearing...

What I said was that Michael is right about the flower bleeding off the top. And that when I first was doing it, it wasn't on purpose! Ohhh - I'm very bad at blocking things in from the start. This doesn't bother me at all any more. Of course, I still don't think I'm planning it when it happens, but I don't worry about it if something trails off. Life isn't perfect.

Also - you have a sharp and accurate perception of value and color. It amazed me how nothing is ever exaggerated. It doesn't need to be - you're right on mark.