Thursday, December 14, 2006

"Marble Galaxy" --- n/a

6"x8" - oil on canvas

I had an epiphany this morning. I've had it before, but it really hit me hard today: Life is a process. There's no end result. There's no lasting glory. There's just a constant work in progress. We are all searching for that perfect hair cut, the perfect cup of coffee, pill, house, job…etc. And I am constantly striving for the perfect painting. It causes me stress when it eludes me every time. But what if I was in it for the process rather than the result??? Why is it so hard, as humans, to enjoy the ride instead of rushing to the end? Are we there yet?


Anonymous said...

Do you give lessons? I love your work!

Miro said...

As a fellow artist, I share your feelings.
But, until you reach your destination-enjoy the journey.

Anonymous said...

Carol, very insightful. I think we cling to some idea of perfection and finally "getting there" because the ever-changing nature of life can make us feel so powerless.... We want some relief!!

Your words were a nice reminder to just lighten up! Thanks, and I love your beautiful art - it's so vibrant and alive.

Peter Yesis said...

I am so glad I read this post this morning. What a beautiful way to start the day. You are so right. Let's enjoy the process. I am thankful for the ride.

Anonymous said...

I too am an artist and it is hard to not be "perfect." Painting is a process and the end result, the painting, is just that, the product of the learning process. It is great to look at by the artist, but she ususally sees the places that could have been painted better, it needed more depth there, that color is not exactly right, etc. And with each painting you are not getting "better" you are trying out different techniques, different subjects, different colors schemes, and maybe today was an 'off day' and you could read that in the painting. You are getting more experienced to go where you want to go.
I say go forward and enjoy the process.

Crystal Cook said...

Just browsing through your blog and found this gem of a post. Wow Carol, you continually inspire me, not only with your gorgeous work, but with your thoughts too.

I second the sentiment here! Recovering perfectionists unite!

Huzzah!! :)