Saturday, November 11, 2006

"Rock Group" --- n/a

6"x8" - oil on canvas

I collect rocks. My favorites have been rounded by moving water, but I love all rocks. Each one is so unique. My favorite subject in college was geology. I love to hear about how rocks form...and yet I couldn't tell you the name of any of these. My mother has forever loved the word "ferocryptomungite." This is the word geologists use when someone asks "what's this?" and they don't know. "Oh yes," they say "this is the rare ferocryptomungite." Everyone is impressed.


Anonymous said...

I love this painting, and got a chuckle out of the comment.

Question: As a kid, did you ever sit in your driveway with rocks you collected and a hammer, crack 'em open and see what the insides looked like? (Me too)

Ferocryptamungite...I have to remember that one

m collier said...

I love rocks too. Very nice composition.