Thursday, October 05, 2006

"Apple" --- SOLD

This is my first painting in a series of daily paintings. I am very drawn to simple, everyday things on simple backgrounds, and this size, 6"x8" really lends itself to that. I am used to working very large, and I have to say this small scale is really fun and freeing. I love this!


Dana Barbieri said...

Dear Carol,
I listened to your podcast today with Melissa from The Thriving Artist Project. It was great and so inspiring. I love seeing where you began and how you began, while your son napped you painted! Your work is beautiful!
Dana Barbieri

Mia Hinchey said...

Dear Carol,
I have gone through your entire blog and here it is the first post to your blog, well of course, you already know that. What an amazing journey, all documented, It is so interesting to read through this and see what you learned along the way. I am just so very inspired, thank you, Your willingness to share is very appreciated. It really should be a book, all of it. Again thx, from an artist starting out on the path,
-Mia Hinchey

Antonio Romero Santana said...

Hola Carol,

He encontrado tu blog y me ha sorprendido(gratamente)tu forma de pintar, tanto que he decidido recorrerlo hasta el comienzo y he disfrutado enormemente viendo tus obras. A partir de ahora te seguiré a diario.

Gracias por estar aquí.