Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Jerome Sidewalk" - SOLD

Beleive it or not, this view is looking downhill in Jerome. I'm not sure I quite pulled that off. But ... does it matter? If you're familiar with the area, the Flatiron Cafe/Coffeeshop is at the end of the sidewalk on the left.


KBecker said...

I am definitely seeing a downward slope!

Sonya Johnson said...

Hi Carol,

I've been following your blog for probably a year or so, always enjoying whatever subject you bring to life in your vibrant paintings.

A few years ago when I was still living in Prescott, I'd drive through Jerome when I'd work in Cottonwood, so I know this street well :). You definitely captured the essence of this quirky little mining town on the hill!

Anonymous said...


I live close by and recognized the spot immediately, so you did a good job of capturing the view.

Greg Evans
Camp Verde

Martha Cowan said...

Yup - we are definitely looking downhill. I want to go to this little coffeshop.

Marylynn Kunkel said...

Hi Carol,
Wow, you really captured the sense of light and the feeling of looking down that hill--I've been there myself so I know it must have been pretty early in the morning for there not to be anyone walking on the sidewalk! Jerome must be a great place to paint, gotta try it myself some time. And yes, I've been at that coffeshop too. :-)