Thursday, June 07, 2007

"At Odds" --- SOLD

I guess this is what you would call a monocromatic color scheme. Boring maybe, but what really struck me were the complementary shapes of these two cups. The one on the right seems to be asking the other a question, and the other is ignoring it. "Hey, blue, would you pass me the sugar?"


Debbie Miller said...

"Does this outfit make me look fat"? is what popped into my head when i saw this :)

Elizabeth A Patterson said...

I think they're sisters. (Looks a bit like me and one of mine, actually.) But, personalities of the cups aside, this is lovely. If you're going to go monochromatic, choosing an interesting color makes all the difference, doesn't it? This reads "robin's egg" to my eye, which has always been a kind of mysterious color to me.